Vestry & Lay Leadership

The Vestry of St. Matthew’s consists of twelve church members elected by the congregation to serve in a leadership capacity in conjunction with the Rector. Four members are elected each year for 3-year terms so that Vestry has a factor of continuity. The group meets monthly, typically on the second Sunday of each month at 11:45 a.m. in the Parish Hall, to conduct the business of the church. All Vestry Meetings are open to anyone who would like to attend.

The Vestry has a Secretary who is elected by the Vestry but who is not a member of the Vestry. This person takes and publishes the minutes and fulfills other roles as needed. The Vestry also has a Treasurer who is elected by the Vestry but who is not a member of the Vestry. This position is responsible for oversight of all financial matters of the parish and is supported by a Finance Committee.

The Senior Warden is selected by the Rector and is a member of the Vestry. This person is the “Rector’s Warden” and in that role is the main support for the Rector. This person leads the parish in the absence of the Rector.

The Junior Warden is elected from the Vestry and is traditionally the person who oversees the maintenance of the buildings and grounds of the parish. This person is the chair of the Buildings & Grounds Committee.

Activities involved include:

Envisioning – Creating a vision for the future along with strategies to make the vision real

Engaging – Getting people to understand and commit to the vision

Empowering – Enabling others to make the vision real

Energizing – Generating enthusiastic, inspired, determined efforts

Exemplifying – Modeling the vision and the desired values and behaviors

In addition to leadership responsibilities, the Vestry is responsible for certain management activities which include:

Planning – Budgeting and allocating resources and setting objectives

Organizing – Establishing structures, policies and procedures

Staffing – Role development, coaching, performance evaluation, compensation

Controlling – Monitoring results vs plan, corrective action, re-planning

*Reference – The Vestry Resource Guide; Episcopal Church Foundation