Acolyte means an attendant and an assistant to a priest. Your job as an acolyte is to assist the Priest and enhance the worship service to help glorify God. You are a minister of the church who is called to serve God. Therefore, every action you take should be done respectfully and in a dignified manner.  Serving as an acolyte is a commitment of your time and talent to the Lord’s service, which is greatly appreciated.

Time commitment:

·  Each Sunday at the 8:00a or 10:15a Services

·  Approximately once every six weeks during the year

·  A schedule will be sent to you every few months with the Sunday in which you are assigned

·  If you can’t make a Service and you know ahead of time, you can ask another Acolyte to switch a Sunday with you


·  Follow the Schedule which will have the Sunday to serve.  It will also have which position you have such as Cross, Torch or Gospel  

·  Come 15 minutes early to put on Vestments

·  Before Services, light candles

·  Leading the procession when the service starts 

·  The Gospel reading procession

·  Providing and accepting the Offering from the Ushers

·  Accepting the Elements

·  Help prepare for Holy Communion

·  Bell ringer during Holy Communion

·  Assist during the Birthday prayer

·  Leading the procession when the service is finished