Ways to Serve

Sunday Morning Volunteer Roles

Before Worship Greeters: Arrive about 20 minutes early and stand at the front doors welcoming the regulars and the new folks. Make sure new folks know your name as you greet them, offer them opportunities for their children, show them where to go for worship and speak to them after worship to answer any questions they may have.

 After Worship Greeters: You’ll stand near the front doors within earshot of Pastor Sonia after the service concludes. You will greet visitors, answer questions and concerns, hand them a newsletter, introduce them to someone of interest (Libby if they like music, Jen if they have kids, etc) and invite them back.

Ushers: Arrive about 20 minutes early and stand at the inner doors welcoming folks and handing out bulletins. You’ll also ask folks to take up the communion elements. You’ll count those in worship, collect the offering, help those with questions or needs during worship. After worship concludes, you’ll walk through the pews picking up trash, left bulletins and refilling prayer cards and visitor cards.

Audio/Visual Tech: Arrive 10 minutes early and make sure the priest and preacher (if not the priest) has microphones. Adjust sound during the service as needed. For the 10:15a service, you’ll also run the power point. After the services, you collect microphones and put them away along with shutting down the computer.

Read Scripture Lessons:  join a team of folks who serve on a rotation of reading about every six weeks. The readings are sent to you ahead of time and you simply come forward at the appropriate time in the service to read.

Serving Wine & Reading: join a team of folks who serve on a rotation of every six weeks or so. Training is provided. The readings are sent to you in advance.

Adult Choir: No experience necessary. Join us at 7 p.m. on Wednesdays and 9:15 a.m. on Sundays for rehearsal.  We’d love for you to come!

Children’s Choir: No experience necessary! Join us on 1st and 3rd Sundays at 11:45 a.m. for rehearsals

Acolyte: Youth in grades 3 and older and adults of all ages are invited to join the ranks of Acolytes. This is an important, non-speaking, part of leading worship. Teams of four serve about once every six weeks at the 10:15a service. Training is provided. We’d love to add to our 8:00a service group too!

Reception Assistance: On occasion we’ll have special event receptions (baptism, saying goodbye, etc). You would set up the beverages, make sure a picture of the cake is taken, cut and serve the cake and clean up afterwards. Someone else takes care of ordering and delivering the cake.

Altar Guild: This is a group of folks, divided into several teams that serve about once a month. This group sets up the communion ware and cleans up after communion services. Set up can be done any time before Sunday morning and clean up follows each service. This is a great way to help with a low time commitment. Training is provided.

Flower Guild: We have a crew that serves on a rotation of 6 weeks creating flower arrangements for Sunday mornings. We cover the cost of flowers, give you a list of great suppliers and even provide training! Two of our wonderful flower arrangers are teenagers….if you have a bit of creativity, this is something you can easily tackle.

Lock Up: Your job would be to make sure all lights are turned off and all doors are locked after the 10:15a service. This task takes about 10 minutes, but must wait until everyone is out of the buildings (usually 15 minutes after worship).