On Sunday mornings, our normal order of worship is the Holy Eucharist (Eucharist is a Greek word meaning “thanksgiving”). Every baptized person who joins with us in worship, and is prepared in their own conscience to receive Christ this way, is welcome to share in the bread and wine of Holy Communion with us. You are welcome to receive communion kneeling or standing and, if coming forward to the altar rail poses a difficulty for you, we will bring Communion to you.

We use The Book of Common Prayer (1979) to guide our worship services along with additional approved alternative forms and texts which keep our worship ancient and yet relevant. Our music is that of the 1982 Hymnal combined with contemporary and old favorites to complement the readings and focus of the day.

We try to use real things in our worship: real bread, real wine, real candles, real music, real flowers. Even real people! Occasionally one of them will goof and make some kind of misstep, mispronounce a word or name (we apologize in advance for that!), or bring forth a wrong note. Goofs are real too, and prove that our worship is not “canned.” As you enter into worship with us, please don’t worry about mistakes – you won’t have been the first to make one if you do, we promise! We know our worship can be complicated at first – we’ve all felt that way. But we’ve found this way of worship to be rich and full; it doesn’t “get old” in a few weeks, but ages quite well and is worth the effort.

We move a lot in our worship, sitting and standing and kneeling. We worship with our entire bodies, not just our minds. Because the Christian faith is incarnational – celebrating the good news of God taking on the fullness of human life in Christ, we believe Christian worship should be incarnational as well, using our physicality, from taste and smell and sight and hearing up to and including body posture. What kind of an athletic competition would it be if people just sat like lumps in the stands? Using our bodies in worship involves us more fully in what we’re doing. Watch what others are doing and feel free to go along as you are comfortable. For some “official” guidelines, check the italicized instructions (rubrics) in the prayer book.

Episcopalians are funny – we love to socialize, but we also like to begin our worship in a reverential way. So when we enter the church before worship we tend to talk a bit and then a few minutes before worship begins, sit quietly, praying our special concerns or just enjoying the meditative music.

Children of all ages are welcome in our worship. Sunday School begins at 10:00 a.m. for everyone thru middle school age. Children join us in worship at the Peace. The exception is the last Sunday of the month when children are a part of the total worship service. We think that some children can participate better if they have something to do as they listen, and so we provide simple “hospitality clipboards” at the rear of the church. Feel free to get one and bring it with you to your pew. There are papers themed to the Sunday readings for drawing and coloring, and a bag of crayons to use as well. Please return it to the bins when you’ve finished.

Baptized persons of all ages are welcome to receive communion.